NFU Norwegian Folk Music, master


Norwegian Folk Music is a full credit(30 ECTS) one semester, undergraduate level program taught at the Rauland Campus of TelemarkUniversityCollege. The program is designed for foreign students with an interest in Norwegian Folk Music.The program can be a part of a Bachelor degree in Folk Music or a part of a Master degree in Traditional Arts. It may also be combined with other subjects towards a Liberal Arts degree, either in Norway or abroad.

Target Group and Admission Requirements

The study is intended for Scandinavian or other foreign students who want to get acquainted with Norwegian traditional music. The course can be an integrated part of the student`s home study program or part of a Norwegian study program.

Students from Norwegian institutions can be admitted after application, if they already are following a degree program ( bachelor/master)

Minimum requirements to the course are 60 ECTS within the subjects music/folk music or 60 ECTS within other relevant subjects.

Aim of the Programme

Further Education opportunities

The program may be combined with other higher education programmes within the cultural sphere or form a part of a BA degree.The programme may be an approved exchange semester from the studies in the home country. The programme gives access to an international network of folk musicians and folk artists and may open for further careers.

Curriculum and structure

The Program

Teaching and Learning Methods

Assessment Methods

Oral Exam, b

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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