865 Outdoor life, Culture and Ecophilosophy, 1/2 year program

Target Group and Admission Requirements

Foreign students with relevant backgrounds interested in gaining insight into Norwegian outdoors traditions, culture and environments are the target group for this program.

Aim of the Programme

The courses provide students with basic practical skills in simple Norwegian outdoor life in a variety of natural environments during the autumn. The students will acquire knowledge of the Norwegian outdoors as a phenomenon, as well as its history and development. They will also gain insight into Norwegian culture and various views of nature. The study provides students with the basic knowledge needed to be able to reflect about outdoor life as a phenomenon in Norway and to compare this to circumstances in their own countries.

Curriculum and structure

Code Course title Credits O/V *) Credits pr. semester
1240 Outdoors; Mountains/Forests, Coastline
and Waterways
15.00 O 15
2604 The Individual, Environs and Society 5.00 O 5
2600 Norwegian Language: Beginning Level 10.00 V 10
2601 Norwegian Language: Intermediate Level 10.00 V 10
2602 Telemark: Social and Cultural Influences
on Identity
5.00 V 5
2606 Eco-philosophy 5.00 V 5
2609 Norwegian Language: Advanced level 10.00 V 10
Total: 0
*) O - Mandatory course, V - Optional course

The study will provide students with basic practical skills, knowledge, attitudes and experience concerning outdoor life, culture and nature. The study will also provide students with:

  • basic outdoors skills for use in various natural environments in the autumn
  • the ability to assess their own competence and choose routes or excursions in keeping with that competence
  • insight into the development and history of the outdoors
  • the basic knowledge which will enable them to reflect on their attitudes and experiences
  • involving the outdoors, society, culture and the environment.
  • insight into Telemark’s culture in the past and present
  • insight into philosophy of nature
  • language skills in Norwegian

Elective courses

Teaching and Learning Methods

The students will be followed up through the whole of the course of studies with learning methods which include outdoor instruction in the form of group and individual excursions, field trips, lectures, reports and group and seminar projects.

Assessment Methods

The student’s knowledge will be assessed by means of a student portfolio, an oral examination and a written test. In order to qualify for taking the exam the students must first fulfil the mandatory course-attendance requirements and their portfolio and reports must be approved.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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