114 Geographical Information Systems (GIS) - Further Studies, fordypning


For study programmes taught in Norwegian, the curriculum will not always appear in complete translations in the English version. A complete translation of course descriptions are however available by clicking on one of the courses listed in the table below. For a general description of the programme, go to course catalogue. If more information is required, please contact international office.

Curriculum and structure

Course Overview
Code Course title Credits O/V *) Credits pr. semester
  S1(A) S2(V)
5700 Digital Geodata 10.00 O 10  
5701 Maps and Surveying 10.00 O 10  
5602 Databases I 10.00 O 10  
5702 Geographical Analysis 10.00 O   10
5705 Project in GIS 10.00 O   10
5703 GIS, Society and Planning 10.00 V   10
5704 Remote Sensing 10.00 V   10
Total: 30 30
*) O - Mandatory course, V - Optional course

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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