984 Culture for Health


Curriculum and structure

Teaching and Learning Methods

The learning methods are lectures, seminars, group work, colloquial work, project work and student presentations, in addition to practical exercises with cultural modes of expression.During the class sessions, lectures and examples which are relevant from a culture/health perspective will be emphasised.In addition there will be excursions and/or presentations of different initiatives/projects.

Assessment Methods

Year 1

Course code: 9841ÅR ST1 Course requirements first year, Main subject 1 and 2

Course code: 9841ÅR 000 Culture, Health and Quality of LifeModernity, Globalisation and Identity30 stp

Written examination under supervision, 8 hours, without study aids. The first year must be completed and passed in order to continue to the second year.

Course code: 9842ÅR ST2 Course requirements second year: Project outline

Course code: 9842ÅR 000 Interdisciplinary Project Work in groups with oral individual examination 30 stp (ECTS)

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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