C0900 AutoCAD, fordypning


The course is offered during both the autumn and the spring semesters each year. Registration for the autumn semester is September 1st with a course start in mid-September, and registration for the spring semester is February 1st with a course start in mid-February.

Required reading: Kolstad, Odd-Sverre: AutoCAD 2008, Gyldendal undervisning, ISBN 978-82-05-37108-8.

Target Group and Admission Requirements

Students must have access to AutoCAD (full-version or LT).

A student license (full-version of the AutoCAD programme) will be provided to our students for the duration of the course.

Aim of the Programme

The course is Internet-based and gives the participants a fundamental understanding of AutoCAD, and skills in its use, as well as an introduction to the Norwegian technical-drawing standards for lines, texts, objectives and hatching. The participants will learn to modify technical drawings in order to meet Norwegian standards.
The course will also help the participants to exploit AutoCAD’s many possibilities and is appropriate both for beginners and for those who would like to update their skills.

Curriculum and structure

  • Start
  • Basic technical drawing
  • Precision in technical drawings
  • Editing
  • Layers, colours, line-types and line-thickness
  • Printing
  • Text, objectives and hatching
  • Blocks
  • AutoCAD Design Centre

Teaching and Learning Methods

The course is Internet-based, and the students follow a schedule of studies. Students will be given supervision by the subject teacher when needed.
The course consists of 13 lessons and runs over 13 weeks. During the course, four obligatory assignments must be submitted. All obligatory exercises must receive passing grades.
Telemark University College uses Fronter, the web-based learning platform, and the course will begin with a short introduction to this system.

Theory and Practical Training

Students will study independently using the textbook and complete the textbook exercises, as well as other requirements described in the schedule of studies.

Assessment Methods

  • Four obligatory submitted assignments which collectively count for 30% of the final grade.
  • Mid-term examination (take-home) which counts for 30 %.
  • Final examination (take-home) which counts for 40%.

Students must receive passing grades in the four submitted assignments and both examinations. Letter grades will be assigned.
The course diploma contains a letter grade based on the marks achieved on the exercises and examinations.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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