Spanish and Latin American Language and Culture, årsstudium


NB! The study programme will not be offered as a one-year programme until autumn 2010.
However, students that have already taken parts of the one-year study programme will be offered courses so they will be able to complete the study programme. More information will soon be available. Students who do not possess language skills equivalent to Spanish B/C in the upper secondary school will have the opportunity of taking an introductory course in spring 2010. Click here for more information.

Target Group and Admission Requirements

The target group is students who are interested in Spanish language and culture; teachers or student teachers who seek teaching competence in Spanish in upper secondary schools. Students must fulfill general admission requirements, and in addition they must have completed introducing courses in Spanish or Spanish B2 or C3-language at upper secondary school.

Aim of the Programme

The programme will provide students with a basic understanding of the Spanish language, social conditions, history and culture of Spanish-speaking countries. In addition, a subject didactic element will be included in the instruction to facilitate the teaching of Spanish in schools, especially lower secondary.

The first semester contains an alphabetisation phase in order to gain the required skills (cf. Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) A2-B1). In the second semester, students will develop the communication phase (B2). Completion of 60 ECTS credits in addition to the introductory course will provide teaching expertise in upper secondary schools.

Further Education opportunities

Candidates who complete 30 ECTS of the study programme in addition to the introduction course will be qualified to teach Spanish in primary and lower secondary schools. Candidates who successfully complete the study programme (60 ECTS) will be qualified to teach Spanish in upper secondary schools. The programme may also be used as a basis for more advanced studies in Spanish language and culture. The study programme, or course units, can be included in a Bachelor’s degree in Literature and Language at Telemark University College, or other Bachelor degrees.

Curriculum and structure

Code Course title Credits O/V *) Credits pr. semester
  S1(A) S2(V)
2301 Spanish Language and Culture I 15.00 O 15  
2303 Practical Spanish I and Didactics 15.00 O 15  
2304 Practical Spanish II and Didactics 15.00 O   15
Total: 30 30
*) O - Mandatory course, V - Optional course

The study programme consists of four 15 ECTS courses, each of which will be concluded with an examination. Two courses will be taught in the autumn semester, and two in the spring semester. Students may apply for the recognition of any Spanish course they have completed at Telemark University College so it may included in the one-year study programme.

Teaching and Learning Methods

The study programme includes lectures, exercises in the language laboratory and obligatory participation in the seminars. Students will be expected to demonstrate significant effort and participate actively in classes.

The language of instruction is Spanish.

Assessment Methods

Each course will conclude with an oral and a written examination, which count for 50% each of the grade. The examinations will be graded according to the A-F grading system, where E is the lowest passing grade. Students must receive passing grades in both the written and oral examinations in order to achieve a final passing grade. Small changes may be made to the study programme.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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