Nordic Skiing and Outdoor Life (Friluftsliv)

Target Group and Admission Requirements

For students who will will personally discover the history and deep cultural tradition rooted in backcountry skiing, as well as how skis are a means of transportation, survival and fun in the snow.

Minimum one year of higher education in sport or equivalent studies. The student should be physically fit with some skiing experience

Aim of the Programme

The aim of the program is to introduce the students to Nordic skiing and outdoor life in the wintertime. By gaining experience in various settings, they will be given an opportunity to develop their basic outdoor skills in various environments. Through experiential learning and theoretical lectures students will gain practical and pedagogical knowledge needed in nature guiding, management and leadership. The students will learn to plan hikes according to ability with focus on “no trace” hiking. The program will also give the students knowledge about the history and development of Norwegian “friluftsliv” and how the Norwegians use the outdoors today.

Curriculum and structure

Code Course title Credits O/V *) Credits pr. semester
  S1(A) S2(V)
1246 Outdoors in the Wintertime. Backcountry
and Telemark skiing. Snow camping
10.00 O   10
1245 Basic skiing – experiential learning 5.00 O   5
6044 Tourism and the Environment 7.50 V   7,5
2615 Telemark II: Social and Cultural
5.00 V   5
1244 The Individual, Environs and Society -
5.00 O   5
2617 Introducing Norwegian Language 5.00 V   5
Total: 0 30
*) O - Mandatory course, V - Optional course
  • Basic skills in skiing and hiking outdoors in the wintertime
  • Insight into management of Norwegian outdoor life
  • Knowledge of the history and development of outdoor life
  • Guiding and pedagogical challenges in the outdoors
  • Knowledge of the history and development of outdoor life
  • A basis for reflecting on attitudes and experiences related to outdoor life, society, culture and nature

The students are expected to bring their own personal equipment, like skis, boots, sleeping bags, backpacks etc

The Norwegian authorities stipulate the cost for a foreign student in Norway to be approx. 8500,- Nkr a month. This should cover room and board, pocketmoney, books and other necessities. Extras will be extensive travelling, nightlife etc. At Telemark University College the students will also have to pay some extras when going on hikes, seminars etc (This could be busfares, indoor overnight stays etc)

Teaching and Learning Methods

Lectures, individual work and group work, experiential learning

Assessment Methods

The hikes and excursions are compulsory. Approved group work. Written exams, individually and in groups

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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