Event Management, 1 year programme, fordypning

Target Group and Admission Requirements

The target group is university college candidates in cultural studies or students with other equivalent 2-year studies.

Curriculum and structure

Code Course title Credits O/V *) Credits pr. semester
  S1(A) S2(V)
3315 Plan and Project 10.00 O 10  
3318 Cultural Policy II 10.00 O 10  
P3307 Field Work and Report 30.00 O   30
Total: 30 30
*) O - Mandatory course, V - Optional course

The study programme is identical to the first year of study in the Bachelor’s degree, Cultural Administration. The study year focuses on entrepreneur activities, including administrative and project-oriented topics, and is to a large degree characterised by independent work. In the fieldwork with reports, students find the work training placement themselves, where they study culture production and write an individual report.

All the courses are obligatory.

A study trip may be carried out on the initiative of the students who take the responsibility for planning and execution in cooperation with the staff.

Teaching and Learning Methods

In the third year, students, in cooperation with the academic staff, will be responsible for the planning and implementation of an obligatory study trip in Europe.

Theory and Practical Training

The programme in Cultural Administration at TUC is the only one in Norway that has ties with the European Network of Cultural Administration Training Centers (ENCATC). Every year, through this international network, as many as four students in their third year of study will have the opportunity to take part in a two week project, Synaxis Baltica - Student Culture Management.

Assessment Methods

A written examination is given in the main part of the study programme, which uses the letter grades A-F, where A-E represent passing marks, and F a failing mark.

Other forms of assessment may be used in some of the courses, such as:
large written assignments and oral examinations; individual or in groups with pass/fail marks or graded marks (seminar assignment, project report).

Home examination over a week (individually or in groups). Grades allocated.

Requirements in relation to teaching, e.g. report from the study, short accounts, presentation of work.
All part-examinations and obligatory assignments must receive passing marks in order to receive a passing mark for the whole course.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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