Norwegian Studies, 1 year programme, årsstudium


Norwegian Studies

Target Group and Admission Requirements

Students must fulfill general admission requirements.
The study programme is suitable for students interested in Norwegian language and literature. It is specially aimed at students who wish to attain teaching competence in primary and secondary schools.

Aim of the Programme

The study programme provides a basic introduction to Norwegian and other Nordic languages and literature from the Middle Ages to the present day, viewed in a broad cultural perspective.

The study programme consists of four courses that ensure breadth and understanding of the subject, and provide qualifications for teaching Norwegian in schools.

Curriculum and structure

Code Course title Credits O/V *) Credits pr. semester
  S1(A) S2(V)
2111 Grammar and Pragmatics 15.00 O 15  
2113 Literature pre-1900 15.00 O 15  
2112 Development of Nordic Languages and
15.00 O   15
2114 Literature after 1900 15.00 O   15
Total: 30 30
*) O - Mandatory course, V - Optional course

The study programme is divided into 4 examination courses, and each course comprises 15 ECTS. Examinations are held for two of the courses in December, and the other two in May.

Teaching and Learning Methods

Teaching methods include lectures and seminars

Assessment Methods

Forms of assessment include individual home-assignment, portfolio assessment and written individual examination (refer to individual courses).
In the courses that include individual home-assignments, it will be possible to take a re-sit written examination, if the student fails the home assignment (or in the case of absenteeism due to sickness – then a medical certificate must be submitted).

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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