Project EL5 EL5506

Course Objectives

Students will acquire insight and practice in system design and working methods with regards to both technical and non-technical issues.

They will learn how to carry out a systematic specification of a technical system, based on knowledge of analogue techniques, digital techniques, measurement techniques or ICT/software development.

They will learn how to set up resources and accounts for a technical product.

They will gain experience in management, written and oral presentations, group dynamics, social psychology, scientific working methods, and acquire responsibility for their working environment and that of others.

Course Description

A technical approach that will provide students with experience in system design, as well as working methods regarding technical, economic and other non-technical aspects adapted to the students’ choice of specialisation.

Learning Methods

Group work with supervision.

The project may be completed, or be a pilot project for the main project.

Project courses dealing with relevant topics if necessary.

Assessment Methods

Completion of the project, reporting and final presentation/examination. Individual grade.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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