Student Business Venture FB5106

Course Objectives

Upon completing the course, the student should:

  • have experience in creating, operating and completing a business venture
  • be able to develop and realise a business concept
  • be able to write and present a business plan
  • be able to practical assignment market-oriented technological problem solving in practice
  • be able to conduct market surveys, marketing and sales
  • be able to work out budgets and practice economic management

Course Description

  • develop a business idea
  • carry out market investigations
  • organise a business plan and finally an annual report
  • acquiring start capital
  • establish, register and operate an business
  • develop and produce a product, or possibly establish a technological service
  • market, communicate with customers and sell
  • wind up the business

Learning Methods

Supervision in groups. The businesses will be registered in Young Enterprise Norway and the Brønnøysund Register Centre, and will be winded up after an operation period of one year.

Assessment Methods

The cumulative assessment is based on the business plan, the business processes, reports, web pages, presentations and oral examination. An individual, graded mark will be given.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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