Product Development and Marketing VBØ5106

Course Objectives

Introduction to the most fundamental aspects of marketing. Product development and marketing are tools for acquiring an understanding of how markets function, and how one may, through strategic decisions, realise desired objectives.

The course will use material from a variety of fields: economics, quantitative subjects, sociology, psychology and organisation, administration theory, etc.

Skills: Marketing and brand promotion provide a fundamental background concerning basic themes in the field of marketing. A completed programme of study will qualify students for potential employment in fields such as sales, services, customer service and the information professions. Possible positions include marketing consultants or communication coordinators.

Course Description

  • Historical development
  • Market segmentation and target groups
  • Market analyses and prognoses
  • Buying behaviour; the individual and business markets
  • Strategy and market planning
  • Marketing activities
  • Product development and product policies
  • E-marketing
  • International marketing
  • Supervising marketing
  • Fundamental tools

Learning Methods

  • Lectures
  • Practical assignments and discussions in plenary
  • Study trips to businesses
  • Project work

Assessment Methods

Project work (40 %) and final examination (60 %).

The project report must be approved before the candidate will be permitted to sit the final examination.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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