ICT tools and Computer programming EY1306

Course Objectives

  • ICT tools: To gain familiarity and competence in basic information and communications technology (ICT), general ICT tools, and ICT tools which might be considered useful for carrying out student projects.
  • Computer programming: Acquire knowledge of, and skills in, basic principles of programming common to the majority of programming languages, using Objects.

Course Description

Topical themes within ICT are school computer systems, operating systems, file processing, Internet applications, word processors, spreadsheets, simple graphics and photo processing, presentation tools, project-administration tools, web-page editing and a short introduction to the basic principles of programming. The topics and tools/software are dynamically adapted to the developments within the general field of ICT.

Computer programming: Learn to use components (Objects) and their characteristics and occurrence. The course covers the basic use of variables, loops, decisions, procedures, functions and data structures. An object oriented programming language is used as a computing tool.

Learning Methods

The instruction is organised in the form of lectures, practical assignments and independent study. Understanding and competence is enhanced through the active use of the students’ laptop computers.

Assessment Methods

Continuous assessment. Students are examined in their knowledge and proficiency of ICT, ICT tools and Computer programming. ICT Tools, 1. semester, 50 % (15 % and 30 %). Computer programming, 2. semester, 50 % (15 % and 30%).

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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