Cybernetics – Foundation Course EE4007

Course Objectives

Students will gain basic knowledge of practical automation engineering and skills in the use of automation equipment.

Course Description

Automation: Feedback control using PID controller (aims, use, structure, mathematical function, parameter setting). Cascade control. Automation equipment .

Systems theory: Mathematical modelling with differential equation models and transfer function models. Response calculation with Laplace transformation. Simulation of dynamic systems and control systems.

Programming and simulation with LabVIEW

Learning Methods

Lectures. Self-study. Calculations. PC exercises. Project assignments in the form of lab and simulation assignments which will be carried out in groups and/or individually.

Assessment Methods

Individual written final examination counts for 70% of the final grade. Project assignment count 30%. Both the written examination and the project assignment must receive passing marks in order to receive a higher grade than F.

Compulsory laboratory work must be passed to obtain final grade higher than F.

Homepage to EE4107 Cybernetics – Foundation Course (also availabe in Fronter)

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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