Statistics FB5006

Course Objectives

To be able to use elementary probability analysis with the presentation of statistical models of actual problems, and based on such models, be able to carry out estimations and hypothesis testing. To be able to use Maple in the solution of practical assignments.

Course Description

Descriptive statistics. Probability analysis and Combinatoric. Probability; probability distribution, binominal distribution, hyper-geometric distribution, Poisson distribution, normal distribution, chi-squared distribution, t-distribution, exponential distribution. Point estimation and interval estimation. Hypothesis testing. Linear regression and correlation. Process monitoring, control diagrams and process capability.

Guidance in the use of Maple as an aid will be provided.

Learning Methods

Lectures and practical assignments. Maple is used as an aid.

Assessment Methods

The assessment is composed by an individual supervised examination with invigilation during the course, counting for 30%; and an individual final examination counting for 70% of the final grade.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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