Financial Accounting and Consolidated Reporting 5004

Course Objectives

This course will provide students with a further introduction to the principal tasks and responsibilities involved in balancing annual accounts in accordance with the Accounting Act and consolidated accounting requirements.

Course Description


 Main principles of accounting

 Rules for valuation

- valuation assessment of current assets, fixed assets, and debt items

- fiscal value assessments

 Own capital – management of profits

 Introduction to central accounting standards

 Notes to the accounts

 Annual report

 Consolidated accounting

- principles of consolidation

- takeover and minority interest

- elimination of internal transactions, profit and loss

Learning Methods

3-4 hours lectures per week in the spring semester (theory topics with examples, assignments).

Assessment Methods

3 obligatory assignments must be submitted; 2 of these must receive passing marks before the student will be permitted to sit the exam. Written individual examination, 4 hours.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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