Accountancy Organisation and Systems 5103

Course Objectives

The course provides students with insight into and understanding of the processes and activities that constitute a group’s accounting and financial functions. In this context the internal control which forms the framework for the development of an accounting and financial system is very important. Students will be provided with knowledge that will enable them to assess and develop an accounting and financial system which will ensure satisfactory control of a group’s financial activities and resources, as well as ensure the quality of accounting-related information.

Course Description

Knowledge of the organisation, planning and execution of activities in connection with the accounting and financial functions will be emphasised. It will also be important to develop an understanding of the accounting system in general, and in particular the registration and control aspects when using computer-based accounting systems. The course will also focus on the framework conditions for accounting in relation to laws and regulations, and how these must be integrated into a group’s accounting and control system.

 Accounting framework conditions

 Internal control and internal accounting control measures

 Accounting system

 Structure of accounts

 IT-based accounting programmes

 Control and security in IT-based accounting systems

 The Bookkeeping Law’s requirements regarding accounting

 Annual accounts – formal requirements, planning and execution

᠐ External bookkeeping

Learning Methods

3-4 hours lectures per week during the autumn semester. The first part of the semester will consist of theoretical lectures, work on assignments, and introduction to the practical use of accounting programmes. The second part of the semester will consist of group work (1-3 persons) with practical assignments which are to be solved by using accounting programmes.

Assessment Methods

Multiple-choice test counts for 40 % of the final grade, group accounting assignment counts for 60 % of the final grade.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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