Hardware and Software 5601

Course Objectives

The course is mainly an introduction to information technology. The students should develop conscious and critical attitudes towards data security and to the ethical and societal aspects of IT.

Course Description

PC skills, digital representation of data, principles for computer and networking architecture, internal and external networks, office applications, hardware, operating systems, programming, ethics, data and information security, Norwegian Law and IT, standards, IT in working life.

Learning Methods

6-7 hours of lectures/assignments/supervision per week in the autumn semester. Weekly tasks designed for colloquium work. Interaction through learning management system on the Internet is mandatory.

Assessment Methods

Individual written final examination. Approximately 3 group assignment(s) submitted in the learning management system and approved. An individual, written 4-hour final examination. The assignments and all other parts of the assessment must have been approved. Examination may be taken in English.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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