Programming 5608

Course Objectives

The students will become acquainted with important concepts, methods and languages used in computer program development, and will be introduced to modern developmental tools. They will become capable of designing simple applications with graphical user-interfaces in an object-oriented programming language.

Course Description

Programs and program-execution. Programming tools. Documentation and testing. Important constructions in an object-oriented programming language: Variables, data formats, expressions, iteration (loops), classes, objects, methods, parameter passing, interaction between objects, tables of objects. Files and exceptions. Graphical user-interfaces and events. Introduction to sub-classes and interfaces.

Learning Methods

6 hours of lectures and exercises per week during the spring semester.

Assessment Methods

5-hour, individual written final examination. Obligatory assignments given during the course must be approved before the student may be permitted to sit the final examination.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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