Introduction to Development Studies 5979

Course Objectives

Students will study how poverty and wealth are distributed between countries. They will also examine what characterises rich and poor countries. In this context, they will examine the historical, political and economical aspects of poor countries with an emphasis on Africa. A survey of economic growth theories will be provided. On the basis of this, aid and trade as a way out of poverty will be discussed.

Course Description

Distribution of poverty and wealth based on the UNDP’s ‘World Development Index’ Historical factors (colonialism)
Political and economic factors; the post-independence situation
Comparison of countries and regions, Africa compared to Asia
Economic growth and development theories
Trade and growth
Aid and growth
Strategies for the implementation of aid

Learning Methods

3-4 lectures per week in the spring semester.

Assessment Methods

Written examination: 4 hours, 60%. Term paper/presentation, 40%.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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