Man and Views on Nature 4010

Course Objectives

Students will receive an introduction to human perception and understanding of nature up until the present day, which will enable them to evaluate present non-material and material values with regard to the natural environment. They will become intimately acquainted with the present trends in the fields of environmental philosophy and ethics, which will provide them with a basis for understanding environmental issues and policies. Students will be introduced to how attitudes towards nature have influenced artistic expressions, particularly in pictorial art.

Course Description

Basic topics:

· History: animism, nature-based religions, attitudes towards the natural environment and the premises of earlier cultures and the development of a more enlightened view of the natural environment.

· Environmental philosophy and ethics: nature and freedom, animal protection, the environment as a legal entity, ecophilosophy, deep ecology and sustainable development.

· Outdoor life and experiencing nature: social-psychological and environmental-psychological perspectives, intrinsic value and cultural heritage.

· Art: Various art-forms, cultural understanding and nature, interpretation and expression.

Learning Methods

30 lecture hours.

Obligatory: 30 seminar hours/groups.

A semester assignment must be submitted for assessment. This will be presented orally to the entire class.

Assessment Methods

Grades will be given for two examinations: a semester assignment will count for 40% and a 3-hour written final examination will count for 60% of the final grade.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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