Interaction between Chemicals and Biological Injury 4321

Course Objectives

Upon completing the course, students will have gained an understanding of what constitutes harmful exposure, the measurement of internal doses, reasons why different people may have varying effective biological doses and differing biological reactions after having been subjected to identical exposures and how chemical exposure may affect DNA. The objective is to provide a basic biological understanding and to discuss how one may measure chemicals in the body before they lead to biological damage in the form of illness.

Course Description

Basic themes are:

  • how various chemicals may damage DNA and thereby lead to illness
  • an insight into the principles of organic chemistry, cell biology and genetic toxicology
  • stages in development from external exposure to damage in the form of cancer
  • advantages and disadvantages of using biological markers

Learning Methods

40 hours (lectures/study groups).

Obligatory: 15-hour laboratory course, exercises in organic chemistry.

Assessment Methods

Reports must be submitted which will be assessed as approved/not approved. The final examination will be graded (100%).

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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