Research Theory and Methodology with Bachelor Assignment 1271

Course Objectives

The course aims to provide students with an introduction to basic research theory in relation to traditions in the subject field that characterises the programme. The course aims to provide students with a scientific approach towards the subject field.

Students will acquire a thorough understanding of the theoretical approaches and issues associated with the subject field of outdoor life, culture and society. They will become acquainted with suitable methodological approaches for collecting and processing knowledge within a field, in keeping with the requirements of scientific investigation. They will also plan a project assignment that will satisfy basic scientific requirements.

Course Description

- Scientific theory
- Qualitative methods
- Quantitative methods
- Research design
- Project methods
- Project assignment

A written project assignment will be planned. It will concern problem approaches associated with outdoor life, culture and society or outdoor life and mediation. The assignment should emphasise cultural, historical, social or pedagogical issues. The assignment will provide students with an understanding of the relationships between culture, society and the individual. Study methods may include qualitative or quantitative approaches, such as literature studies, participative observation, interviews and practical experiments etc.

Learning Methods

The instruction takes place in the spring semester.

The course is twofold: with a research-theory part in which the teaching and learning methods include lectures and group work, and a project part which includes group work, guidance and seminars.

During the course, work will be carried out in project groups consisting of 3-5 participants. Based on the assignment, students will plan and present their project, first while it is in progress and once again when the project is completed in an open seminar. Participation in both seminars is obligatory. The project assignment must be submitted to the departmental office (3rd floor) for registration and copying. The project must be delivered in 3 examples, one of which should be in loose-leaf form. The format for the front page may be found on: under employees and templates/forms. The deadline for submission is 2 p. m. on the designated day.

Assessment Methods

The assessment is two-fold, but a grade will be given for the whole course. Research theory and methodology will be assessed through a graded 5-hour individual written examination, and counts for 1/3 of the final mark. The project will be assessed on the basis of a written project report that will be assigned a grade, and will count for 2/3 of the final mark. Participation in two seminars with project presentation is obligatory.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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