Sport Pedagogy and Sport Psychology II 1112

Course Objectives

Sport Pedagogy and Sport Psychology II aims at increasing students knowledge and understanding of the pedagogical aspects of the trainer’s role, with a focus on coaching as a learning strategy and learning method. Through this module and the chosen specialisation sport students will develop their understanding of how a sport’s special characteristics influence the didactic process. Closeness to the practical field is therefore especially important in order to be able to reflect and increase knowledge in relation to pedagogical and didactic theories and perspectives.

Course Description

The course focuses on three main topics: Coaching and mental training, sport’s tacit dimension and contextual learning. These topics are not separate from each other and through increasing knowledge and understanding of perspectives in connection with one topic, the intention is that students will be able to develop understanding for the other topics as well, and for sport pedagogy and sport psychology on a general level.

Learning Methods

Nine sessions of lectures of three hours duration each, and 10 seminars of 3 hours duration. In addition, there will be 3 hours of supervision per group in connection with assignments.

Lectures and seminars, in addition to student presentations and supervision in groups of two students. Emphasis will be given to 3rd year Bachelor students being able to develop their ability to work independently with the subject material, especially taking into consideration that not all the course’s topics will be presented in lectures. Students, with the subject teacher present, will present assignments and lead seminar discussions.

Assessment Methods

Three written assignments completed in groups consisting of two students each. The assignments will be based on themes which are related to the course’s three main topics (refer to course description), and should also be related to the students’ chosen sport specialisation. The three assignments will be supervised and assessed together and given a marked grade.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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