Independent Study Scandinavian Studies in Telemark 2611

Course Objectives

Independent study courses are available to registered undergraduate students. The goal is to provide the opportunity, through a self-study project, to develop more intensive exposure to a specific subject than a standard course provides.

Course Description

The student will define and develop topic of particular interest and produce a paper of approximately 4000-6000 words that should embody the result of a semester’s work (calculated in ECTS) in a specific academic area of the humanities and/or cultural studies. Interdisciplinary research is encouraged. The paper will demonstrate the student’s ability to investigate, collect, and evaluate material, and draw conclusions that are discussed in a sound and well-written argument. Tutorials, readings, reviews and independent research characterise this phase of a student’s work.

Learning Methods

Independent reading and research; tutorials with faculty advisor.

Student-designed syllabus, approved by host faculty advisor.

Assessment Methods

Individual, written research paper which counts for 100% of the final grade. Pass/fail. Letter grade by special application.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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