Musical Communication 283

Course Objectives

The course will provide students with knowledge concerning the function of music and its important societal role in various historical periods. Students will become acquainted with policies and organisation in the field of Norwegian music, and they will acquire practical insight into the dissemination of music and related administrative issues.

Course Description

Music as a social and aesthetic phenomenon:
This part of the course focuses on music aesthetics, music sociology, music psychology and music history.
The function of music and music in a social context in recent times and in contemporary Norway

Various ways of experiencing and using music

Western art music with particular emphasis on Norwegian music history

Folk music

Film scores
Dissemination and promotion of music/administration:
Dissemination and promotion of music/administration will discuss the concepts of dissemination and promotion and provide an overview of the various ways of disseminating music.

Concert performances

Promotion by means of the newspapers

Public music institutions and organisations, music festivals

Public management documents

Learning Methods

Lectures and seminars spread over 2 semesters, study trips, presentation of written work for approval and oral exercises.
There is a minimum 80% attendance requirement for the seminar/project (which has its own timetable). If students are absent for more than 20% of the meetings, they will be orally examined on the course curriculum texts. Attendance on all of the joint study trips is obligatory for all students. Students who do not participate must write a report which covers the subject material of the study trip. Students are not required to attend all lectures, but regular attendance is recommended.

Assessment Methods

An obligatory written assignment which counts for 40% of the final grade. 5-hour written final examination which counts for 60 %. Graded marks. Student must receive passing grades in both parts of the assessment in order to achieve a passing grade for the course.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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