Cultural Economics and Marketing 2582

Course Objectives

The course aims to provide students with basic insight into the field of cultural economics and marketing. First, there will be a focus on economic theory and models which may be used to gain a better understanding of structures and processes in the field. The relationship between economics and various sectors in the cultural sphere will also be examined. Second, the course will focus on the special marketing processes and strategies used by players in the cultural sector.

Course Description

In the cultural economics part of the course the following topics will be focused on:

  • Culture and Economics in general
  • Culture’s economic value and the cultural industry
  • The economy of cultural institutions and artists’ living conditions
  • Cultural economics and cultural policy

In the marketing part of the course the following topics will be focused on:

  • Cultural industry and marketing
  • Marketing models and markets information
  • Marketing and communications theory
  • Positive effects of culture as a ‘product’ and consumer behaviour
  • Segmentation and positioning
  • Markets information

Students will receive training in analysing issues concerning economics and marketing in the field of culture from a critical standpoint.

Learning Methods

The course is obligatory for students who choose Cultural Administration with thesis (45 ECTS). The instruction in a specialisation course and consists of seminars, with 3-6 hours of instruction per week during the autumn semester.

Assessment Methods

Individual written examination. Graded mark.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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