Cultural Analysis I 3309

Course Objectives

The students shall acquire basic cultural-analytical competence in the fields of cultural materialism, actions, attitudes and experience. The intention is that students will become acquainted with the “cultural-analytical approach” and learn to view culture as a phenomenon. In addition, students will expand their skills in interpretation. This will allow them to understand phenomena which they will be able to experience and observe using analytical concepts. The course will provide the students with insight into scientific approaches and working methods.

Course Description

Through examples from everyday life and the field of culture, students will learn to regard culture as an aspect of all human activity. This course emphasises culture as experience, practice, everyday life and human worth. Through the course, students will learn that culture cannot always be verbally expressed. Fundamental themes are:

  • Cultural-theoretical classics
  • Cultural theory
  • Transactional analysis, status and roles
  • Cultural complexity and identity

Learning Methods

Lectures, seminars, group work/response groups, written and oral exercises in connection with the lectures. The course will include practical exercises in transactional analysis which will conclude with a written home assignment which will be submitted for approval by mid-term.

Obligatory activities (special requirements):

The course includes two obligatory seminars, both of which are associated with a written home-assignment. The first seminar will be in the form of a theme presentation. All of the students will submit texts/ summaries in which they will present the topic which they have chosen for the practical exercises and the theme structure of the written assignment. These must be approved by the teacher. At the seminar, the students must also debate the texts of their co-students. In the second seminar, the students will give oral presentations describing their experiences from the practical training. Work in response groups will be covered in advance as part of the instruction. The deadline for submitting the text for the first seminar will be announced in the teaching plan and on Classfronter

Assessment Methods

Obligatory home assignment/essay (2000 words +/- 10%) which relates to the seminars and the practical exercises. The home assignment will count for 40% of the final grade. Individual 5-hour examination, which will be held at the end of the semester, counts for 60 % of the final grade. Graded marks. Both the submission of texts to the seminars, participation in the seminars and the final examination must receive passing marks in order to achieve a passing mark for the course.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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