Introducing Norwegian Language 2617

Course Objectives

After completing Introducing Norwegian Language, the students should have basic abilities in written and spoken Norwegian which will allow them to interact in Norwegian on the daily conversational level.

Course Description

This is an entry level course which gives an introduction to Norwegian grammar and pronunciation. Practical exercises in oral comprehension and use of Norwegian in daily life are emphasized. This course is highly recommended for students who desire a practical understanding of patterns of communication in Norway and those who plan to travel on their own in Norway.

Learning Methods

Lectures, practical group work, individual study. Explore and use Norwegian in the local environs. Norwegian is the course language.

Assessment Methods

Portfolio including: weekly homework assignments (pass/no pass); one semester test 40%; Final written exam counts 60%. All assessed elements of the course must be passed to pass the course. Attendance is required.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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