Cultural Policy II 3318

Course Objectives

Through this course the student will develop the ability to reflect upon and critically analyse Norwegian and international cultural policies. In this context the relationship between national cultural policy and cultural, social and economic globalisation will be relevant.

Course Description

The course will adopt a critical perspective towards Norwegian cultural policy and international influences on Norwegian policy in this area. One of the most important influences is the media. The organisation and management of cultural policy also constitutes an important part of the course.

Central topics:

- International cultural policy and national models

- Critical analysis and reflection

- Organisation and management

- Globalisation, individualisation and the new economy

- Cultural policy area today

- Media policy

Learning Methods

Lectures, study trips, written and oral exercises related to the lectures.

Assessment Methods

An obligatory written assignment which counts for 30% of the final grade. Written individual 4-hour examination which counts for 70%. Graded marks. Both the assignment and the final examination must receive passing marks in order for the student to receive a final passing grade for the course.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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