Writing Workshop: Norwegian for International Students 2620

Course Objectives

Course goals

After completing this writing workshop, each student should reach a higher level of writing skill in Norwegian language which will allow them to participate actively in academic work and with extra diligence attend literature courses in Norwegian.

Students with intermediate Norwegian writing and speaking skills will lift their current skills to a higher level of appropriate vocabulary and language expression, understanding written texts and better written expression: short passages on current issues.

The more advanced student will be able to write reports and essays with greater ease and fluency.

Course Description

Course description

This course is highly recommended for students who desire to review and reinforce their individual level of Norwegian language (grammar, orthography, vocabulary, syntax) in the context of essay writing. On the basis of level of language competency, students will define their individual learning goals in collaboration with the instructor. The students must be prepared to work toward their own goals and collaborate with other students, both in and outside class to achieve their aims. The focus will be on activating language in context and will include writing various genres on various themes related to Norwegian society and culture.

Learning Methods

One semester: 2 hrs/week; 10 weeks, or equivalent, plus scheduled self study.

Learning methodsClasses will be organized on the basis of level of writing skill. Individual and group tutoring based on student writing production and editing outside class. Students will be advised to write texts of varying lengths and various topics which will be reviewed by the instructor either individually or in groups. Norwegian is the course language. All tasks and exams will be in Norwegian.

Assessment Methods


Portfolio: 5-7 mandatory homework assignments, which count 50%; 1 semester paper, which counts 50%; Letter grades. All assessed elements of the course must be passed to pass the course. Attendance is expected. All written work must be original work, not used in other courses.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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