Project Management and Finance FB4006

Course Objectives

To practice basic understanding/skills in general project management and business economics thinking.

Course Description

Project management:
Concepts, characteristics, phases, content and players, project organisation, project partners, goal-definition, principles of breakdown structures (WBS, OBS and CBS). Planning and follow-up of projects with emphasis on time, resources and costs. The building process: a short introduction. Economic management (including accounting and budgeting), investment calculations and financing.

An introduction to the cost theory of the firm. Main issues: Defining cost. Finding cost minimum and profit maximum. Productcalculation and analysing the financial account.

Learning Methods

Lectures, practical assignments/individual work and at times guest lecture and/or study tour to relevant project.

Assessment Methods

Grading is based on intermediate written test(s) which counts 30% and a final written exam which counts 70% in the final grade.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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