PEF4008 PEF4008

Course Objectives

Students will be introduced to the field of natural gas processing, its components, their chemical reactivity and the natural gas industry. Participants in this course will develop a basic understanding of catalysis and its process technology aspects. This knowledge will enable students to analyze and understand current chemical processes for gas purification and conversion, and will lead to a better understanding of selected future chemical process developments and the principle technical challenges in chemical gas conversion.

Course Description

Basic concepts in catalysis, catalyst-characterisation and catalyst-preparation and reactor technology overview. Review of natural gas conversion chemistry. Review of current industrial natural gas purification and conversion processes. Future developments in natural gas conversion chemistry and process development

Learning Methods

Lectures and project work

Assessment Methods

Project work must be approved to take the final examination. Project work counts for 30%, and an individual written final examination counts for 70% of the final grade. Students must pass the final examination in order to receive a final grade better than F.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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