Clinical Studies 982PRA07

Course Description

Course code: 982PRA07

Practical studies, interdisciplinary specialisation in mental health work

10 weeks, (300 hours), during the 3rd semester.

Guidelines for the assessment of the period of practical training:

Approval or invalidation of the period of practical training is a decision taken in accordance with the Public Administration Act. The contact teacher is responsible for carrying out the midway and final assessments. The assessment will be carried out in consultation between the student, supervisor and contact teacher. The student will write a report based on these consultations with the supervisor and contact teacher. The clinical studies will be assessed on a pass/fail basis. The supervisor in consultation with the teacher decide whether the period of practical training will be approved or not. If there is disagreement, the final decision rests with the teacher. The assessment form must be signed by the supervisor, teacher and student.

If there is any doubt whether the student will receive a passing grade for the period of practical training, then the student must be informed in writing no less than three weeks before the completion of the practical training. If it is revealed that the student’s performance was deemed to be very unsatisfactory after this deadline, then notice should be given without undue delay, and the student will have this period of practical training invalidated (c.f. Examination Regulations § 11. no. 10).

If there is the possibility of the student not receiving a passing grade, a written plan should be drafted providing an outline of what needs to be done in order for the student to receive a passing grade. The plan should contain specific details regarding the necessary measures and the delegation of responsibility for applying these. The plan also constitutes a formal letter of warning to the student that he/she is in danger of failing his/her practical training. The parties should agree on a date for an assessment meeting to discuss the effect of any corrective measures. The minutes of this meeting should be recorded by the university college’s representative, and they should include whether or not the practical training should be given a passing grade or not.

If the student fails his/her period of practical training, he/she will be given the opportunity to repeat it. Normal procedures apply when repeating the period of practical training.

The decision to fail a student’s period of practical training cannot be challenged, unless a procedural error has occurred. This means that it is not possible to submit a complaint regarding the assessment that serves as the basis for the decision to fail a student, cf. The Norwegian Universities Act, § 52.5.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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