Overview of Norwegian History after 1800 3505

Course Objectives

This part of the programme of study provides an overview of Norwegian history from 1800 until the present day.

Course Description

From the period of absolute monarchy until the agreements with the European Union

The main elements:

- 1814

- Demographic growth and changes in society

- Constitutional conflict and parliamentarianism

- National integration

- Dissolution of union

- Norway becomes industrialised

- Conflicts and crises in the interwar period

- Norway during the Second World War

- Norway under the social democratic system after 1945

- The drift towards conservatism and the spread of liberalism and the market economy

Learning Methods

Lectures (possibly seminars).

Assessment Methods

In-class examination (4 hours) at the end of the semester. The assignment may be an essay and/or a number of smaller questions.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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