Towards one World. World History after 1800 3502

Course Objectives

This purpose of the course is to provide an overview of world history after 1750.

Course Description

The course will focus on:

- The Industrial Revolution – which changed the world

- The French Revolution – a political revolution in the world

- The emergence of the national state

- Imperialism: The West dominates the world

- Democracy or dictatorship: the great political contrasts in the inter-war period

- The great catastrophes: The First and Second World Wars

- The Cold War and the balance of terror

- The relationship between North and South - industrialised versus ‘developing’ countries.

- The break-up of the East Bloc: Towards a new view of the world?

Learning Methods

The course will consist of lectures and seminars.

Assessment Methods

There will be a mid-term and final examination. The mid-term examination will represent 1/3 of the final grade and the final examination will represent 2/3 of the final grade. Students must achieve passing grades on both examinations in order to earn a passing grade for the course.

The mid-term examination will consist of a 3-hour written examination during the first part of October. Students will be examined on roughly 25 % of the course syllabus. One week before the examination date, students will be provided with information about the specific historical periods that will form the basis of the paper.

The final part of the assessment will consist of a 4-hour written examination at the end of the semester, essay-format. This examination will assess student’s overall knowledge of the course material.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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