Sounds and Structures of the English Language 2006

Course Objectives

The course is intended to provide a more advanced introduction to sound-systems, intonation and grammar than that offered in ‘2005 Introduction to the English Language’. A study combination consisting of ‘2005 Introduction to the English Language’ and ‘2006 Sounds and Structures of the English Language’ will provide professional teaching competence within the field of ‘English language’ for both primary and secondary schools. It will also provide the necessary entrance requirements for more advanced courses in university colleges and universities.

Course Description

2006 Sounds and Structures of the English Language is an in-depth introduction to the sound-system, intonation and grammar of the language, where individual themes will be studied in greater detail. Attention will also be given to how the subject can best be taught to others.

Learning Methods

Lectures and seminars. Four hours of instruction weekly during the spring semester.
The individual themes will be examined and clarified during the lectures. In the seminar instruction, the students will be afforded an opportunity to continue to work with specific themes. Assessment during the course will include written tests and/or oral presentations. The final examination will be based primarily on material covered in the lectures and seminars. An attendance rate of at least 80% is required for the seminars.

Assessment Methods

Continuous assessment during the course will include tests and/or assignments, which will constitute 40% of the final grade. The final examination (oral or written) will count for 60%. Students must achieve passing marks in both the continuous assessment and the final examination in order to earn a final passing grade.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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