Labour Law 6021

Course Objectives

The course will provide students with an overview related to labour law, and provide insight into legal questions and topics concerning employment. The course is particular meant for students who are interested in legal issues related to personnel management.

Course Description

The course has two main parts: labour law pertaining to individual concerns the legal relationship between individual employees and employers; collective labour law related to regulations and tariff agreements, conflicts and negotiation. A number of relevant laws will be focused on, such as the Working Environment Act, the Civil Servant Act, and the Act relating to Labour Disputes, the Holiday Act and the Gender Equality Act. The main emphasis will be placed on the Labour Law in relation to individuals.

Learning Methods

3 hours of lectures per week in the spring semester.

Assessment Methods

An obligatory (group) assignment which counts for 20% and a written final examination, 4 hours, which counts for 80%. Students must receive passing marks on all parts of the assessment.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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