Market Analysis and Project Work in International Marketing 6055

Course Objectives

This course offers students the opportunity to work on a project in the field of international marketing; however, this will not include daily operating activities within the field of internationalisation and international marketing. Students will work independently, but under the supervision of the subject teacher. Working with a project will provide students with the opportunity to solve tasks requiring the collection and analysis of data and the reporting of complex problems. The work may be realistic and focus on problem-solving, with themes relevant for businesses which operate in the field of internationalisation and international marketing. The project work will also give the students the opportunity to work systematically with problem identification, information searches and reporting in the form of a written exposition, with the formal requirements required of such work

Learning Methods

Instruction and supervision of individual and group assignments in the spring semester; practical details will be provided in due course.

Assessment Methods

The project work must be submitted for assessment. The work will normally be carried out by groups of 2-3 students, but there is also the possibility in some cases of individual work being submitted. Graded marks.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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