Micro and Market Economy 6007

Course Objectives

The course will provide students with an introduction to basic micro and marketing theory. They will acquire insight into how one may describe and analyse the economic adaptations of individual players and their interaction under various marketing conditions. Students will learn how to master graphical and mathematical techniques for analysing the choices of consumers based on price and profit, as well as methods of analysing the business decisions of producers with differing objectives (profit-maximisation, cost minimisation) and marketing forms (open competition, monopoly). Students will also gain knowledge concerning how different policies affect the individual player's adaptations and price trends in the marketplace. Themes within marketing and business economics will also be addressed.

Course Description

The main subject topics of the course:

  • Production theory
  • Consumer theory
  • Marketing theory
  • Efficient use of resources and market failure
  • Effects of taxes/subsidies

Learning Methods

3-4 hours of lectures per week during the spring semester.

Assessment Methods

Written examination, 4 hours.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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