Tax and Duty Laws for Accountants 6023

Course Objectives

The course will provide an understanding of the regulations in Norwegian tax law, the Norwegian national insurance scheme, the payment and collection of duties and taxes, value-added tax and inheritance laws. This knowledge will provide the background necessary to resolve questions concerning income and property taxation, employer’s fees, tax payments and calculations, tax-assessment management, value-added taxes and inheritance taxes.

Course Description

The course covers the following topics:

• taxation of individual taxpayers (children and adults) not involved in commercial activities who are in various life and employment situations (students, employees, unemployed, those on sick-leave, senior citizens).

• taxation of business activities which are organised as self-employment, shared-ownership companies or joint-stock companies.

• employer-tax costs for employers

• value calculation of shares in non-public joint-stock companies

• profit/loss calculations when individual taxpayers sell shares.

• calculation of personal income based on participation and ownership of private business activities.

• taxation of profit- and interest-incomes from joint-stock companies.

• financial options

• rules for the management and payment of taxes for employees

• review of basic tax-assessment rules with and without business activities

• value-added tax-management for sales, purchases and withdrawals by registration-bound business-owners

• value-added tax management when starting a commercial enterprise and the sale of used goods

• value-added tax management related to the voluntary registration of rental buildings.

Learning Methods

Lectures will be given covering theoretical topics and law texts. In addition, examples will be presented. Exercises will be carried out during some of the lectures.

Assessment Methods

Obligatory submitted assignments must be approved before the student may take the examination. 4-hour individual written examination.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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