Groundwater and Contamination 4216

Course Objectives

The students shall get an insight in the occurrence of water in bedrock and Quaternary deposits, flow of water in porous media and exploitation of ground water. They shall have a background to evaluate and handle soil and ground water contamination. They shall have insight in the management of ground water resources.

Course Description

Ground water in bedrock and Quaternary deposits, interaction between soil water, ground water, and surface water
Ground water as a drinking water resource and as an energy source
Ground water flow and introduction to mathematical ground water modelling
Management of ground water resources
Field and calculation methods in hydrogeology
Ground water chemistry: Chemistry of natural ground water, chemical and biological processes by contamination of organic and inorganic species in soil, ground water, and sea sediments from urban areas, agriculture, industry, and communication.
Transport of contaminants in soil and ground water. Remediation.

Learning Methods

46 hours of instruction with alternating lectures, exercises and group work. 5-day field course. One excursion.

Assessment Methods

The grade will be based on a 4-hour, individual, written final exam. Approved field report is required to pass the course.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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