Master’s Thesis 4317

Course Objectives

In writing and completing a Master’s thesis, the student will gain insight into research methods and the organisation of a scientific project, and obtain experience from applying such methods independently to a chosen theme.

Course Description

The Master’s thesis may consist of work with various topics within the field of environmental and health studies. More detailed information may be obtained on the web pages of the Department of Environmental and Health Studies or by contacting the academic staff at the Department.

Learning Methods

The Master’s thesis will be carried out independently or by two students working together. The study normally counts for 60 ECTS. In practice, the students will choose their supervisors during the first semester. A selection of possible subject themes and supervisors may be found on the Department of Environmental and Health Studies’ web page.

Assessment Methods

After the Master’s thesis has been submitted and evaluated, an oral defence of the thesis will be held. The grade for the Master’s thesis will be adjusted after the oral examination, and a combined grade will be recorded on the diploma.
The Master’s thesis will be evaluated individually by an external examiner together with the supervisor(s).

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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