Applications in Water Science 4323

Course Objectives

The aim for this course is to give an advanced course in water sciences, including surface water and ground water, so the students can handle actual water problems on a high level of skill. The course will focuse on management of water resources, mathematical modelling, chemical and microbiological processes, or technology in water treatment systems.

Course Description

The content of the course will be determinated by demands from the students. One year it can be a course in ground water modelling, another year a course in water chemistry or other topics mentioned above. It will be a mix of classes, laboratory- and field work, exercises and colloquiums, with review of actual scientific papers.

Learning Methods

70 hours of lectures, colloquiums, exercises, laboratory- and field work.

Assessment Methods

At the end of the semester the students shall hand in a project work (in groups) of the actual topic. It will be evaluated with the common grade scale (counts 100%).

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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