Basic Clinical Nursing 050E02-1

Course Objectives

The student will:

Acquire knowledge of nursing’s functions and tasks.

Develop their skills in observing and evaluating the patient’s basic needs, resources, health-perception and their ability to cope with their life situations.

Acquire knowledge with regard to meeting the patient’s basic needs.

Develop the ability to show empathy towards, care for, discuss and interact with sick people.

Gain an understanding of the role of nursing in promoting health and preventing illness.

Course Description

Course unit 2A: Introduction to Clinical Nursing

The responsibilities, tasks and competence of the nurse

The central areas within the practice of nursing

Explanation of the concepts of health, well-being and illness

The experiences and reactions of patients and relatives to illness

Care of and interaction with those who are ill and their families

Introduction to multicultural nursing

Course unit 2B: Nursing in Relation to People’s Basic Needs

The nurse’s observations, assessments and planning with regard to people’s basic needs. Age and cultural perspectives are emphasised.

Course unit 2C: Communication and Interaction

The relationship between the nurse and the patient

Theoretical foundation for communication in nursing

Communication skills

Course unit 2D: Decision-Making Processes in Nursing

Processes in nursing

Observation and collecting data


Identification of needs in nursing

Planning of nursing

Documentation and ICT in nursing

Course unit 2E: Health-Promoting and Preventative Nursing

Health-promoting and preventative aspects of nursing

Health-promoting and preventative initiatives in healthy and vulnerable groups

Primary, secondary and tertiary preventative measures

Learning Methods

Classroom teaching, group work, including group work with assignments, seminars, situation-oriented learning activities, role-play and exercises.

Assessment Methods

050E02-1 003

Courseassignment 3: Planning and documentation of nursing

Group assignment, electronic plan of action with presentation.

The assignment will be assessed on a pass/fail basis.

050E02-1 SYK Examination in nursing 1st year

Examination in course 1: Nursing’s Professional and Scientific Foundation and course 2: Basic Clinical Nursing.

Individual 6-hour written examination (no examination aids permitted).

The examination will be given a graded mark (14.5 ECTS).

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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