Clinical Nursing in the Special Health Services 050E07-1

Course Objectives

The student will:

Acquire knowledge of the nurse’s professional functions and tasks in the special health service.

Develop understanding of how people’s basic and existential needs are affected by illness.

Develop the ability to assess the patient’s need for nursing, and implement measures which are based on knowledge-based practice.

Acquire knowledge regarding the relief of pain and suffering.

Initiate and follow up prescribed treatment and examinations.

Handle medication in a responsible manner.

Acquire knowledge of patients and families’ needs and reactions to loss of health and illness.

Develop the ability to interact with patients and families during illness and loss of health.

Course Description

Course unit 7A: The Nurse’s Professional Functions and Tasks in the Special Health Service

The patient in the special health service.

The nurse’s responsibility, professional functions and competence related to special health service.

Knowledge-based nursing practice in the special health service.

Course 7B: Patients and Families’ Experiences and Accounts of Illness and Loss of Health

Quality of life, well-being, learning and coping during illness

Stress, crisis, anxiety and suffering

Course unit 7C: Nursing of Somatic Illnesses and Loss of Health

The nurse’s observations and assessments in the case of a patient’s acute loss of health and illness.

Planning, execution and evaluation of the nursing of patients in the special health service.

Nursing related to various patient groups, in the case of various conditions, courses of illnesses and situations.

The nurse’s responsibility in the case of examinations and treatment.

Children and youth in hospitals.

Care for, and interaction with, acute and critically ill patients and their families.

Course unit 7D: Relief of Suffering and Pain

Coping with suffering and death

Pain relief

Care for the dying

Course unit 7E: Documentation and ICT in the Special Health Service

Various forms of documentation

Course unit 7F: Administration and Management in Nursing

Clinical management and supervision

Interdisciplinary cooperation

Learning Methods

Classroom teaching, exercises, group work and self-study.

Assessment Methods

050E07-1 SPE

Clinical Nursing in the Special Health Service

Individual, written home examination.

The assignment will be given a graded mark (10 ECTS).

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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