Medical Areas Related to Nursing in the Special Health Services 050E08-2

Course Objectives

The student will:

Acquire knowledge of the most common somatic illnesses and medical treatments.

Acquire knowledge of general and special pharmacology.

Acquire knowledge regarding the importance of nutrition during illness.

Course Description

Course unit 8A: Pathology and the Theory of Diseases

Development and life cycle

Organ related pathophysiology

Diagnostication and treatment of illnesses

Acute and chronic physical and mental illness

Course unit 8B: Pharmacology II

General pharmacology

Special pharmacology

Medication management – laws and regulations

Course unit 8C: Nutrition II

Clinical nutrition

Learning Methods

Classroom teaching, self-study, course assignment work and exercises.

Assessment Methods

050E08-1 PAT

Examination in pathology, pharmacology and clinical nutrition

Written individual examination 5 hours, no examination aids permitted

Graded mark (10 ECTS)

050E08-1 005 Course assignment in medical topics

Individual, written course assignment

Assessed on a pass/fail basis

050E08-1 FAR Examination in pharmacology

Individual written examination in pharmacology, 2 hours

Assessed on a pass/fail basis

60 % must be correctly answered in order for the examination to be assessed as passed.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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