Preparatory Studies for Practical Training and Clinical Studies in the Special Health Service 050E10-2

Course Objectives

The students will:

Improve their ability to observe and evaluate the patient’s state of health, symptoms, resources and ability to cope with his/her life situation.

Plan, execute, document and evaluate the nursing of acute and chronically sick patients.

Assess the patient’s age, gender and cultural background.

Develop the ability to handle medicine in a responsible manner.

Initiate and follow up prescribed treatment and examinations.

Develop nursing skills and the ability to handle medical equipment which is relevant for the special health service.

Develop the ability to interact with patients, families and other personnel in an appropriate manner.

Develop the ability to reflect on ethical dilemmas in the special health service and to account for your views.

Show care and respect for patients and their families.

Carry out nursing care to dying patients and their families.

Gain experience of pediatric nursing.

Supervise and teach patients, families and co-workers in the special health service.

Gain experience of the nurse’s role as leader.

Reflect critically on the nurse’s professional role and cooperation with other professional groups in the hospital.

Course Description

Course unit 10A: Clinical Nursing Skills and Medical Technical Equipment Related to the Special Health Service

Skills related to the lack of basic needs.

Skills related to the administration of medication, injections, transfusions and nutrition.

Skills related to the handling of medical equipment.

First aid in institutions/hospitals.

Situation-oriented learning activities

Course unit 10B: Clinical Studies in Medical Departments

10 weeks supervised policlinic practice and observation and pediatric nursing experience.

Course unit 10C: Clinical Studies in Surgery Departments

10 weeks supervised practice and observation in day-surgery, operation and intensive care unit.

Learning Methods

Skills’ training and exercises in simulated situations in the practice department. Clinical studies in the medical and surgery departments, 20 weeks (30 hours per week). Participation in reflection groups and supervision discussions. Work with aims, reflection notes and course assignments.

Assessment Methods

050E10-1 PR2

Individual skills’ test in practical nursing skills

The skills’ test will be assessed as pass/fail (6 ECTS).

050E10-1 006

Course assignment related to clinical studies in the special health service

The course assignment will be assessed as pass/fail.

050E10-1 KIR

Clinical studies in the surgical department with observation practice in a day surgery, operation and intensive care unit.

10 weeks supervised practice period.

Assessed as pass/fail (15 ECTS).

050E10-1 MED

Clinical studies in a medical department with policlinic observation practice and pediatric nursing experience

10 weeks supervised practice period.

Assessed as pass/fail (15 ECTS).

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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