Preparatory Studies for Practical Training and Clinical Studies in Nursing Homes and Preventative Health Care 050E05-2

Course Objectives

The student will:

Learn to master basic nursing skills.

Improve their ability to observe, evaluate and meet patients’ basic needs.

Develop their capacity to empathise, care for and interact with people who are ill.

Acquire knowledge of the nurse’s functions and tasks in promoting health and preventing illness.

Course Description

Course unit 5A: Basic Clinical Skills and Preparatory Studies Prior to Nursing Practice

Principles of hygiene

Planning, execution and completion of procedures

Communication and cooperation when carrying out procedures

Skills related to personal hygiene, clinical observation and satisfying basic needs

Basic first-aid

Course unit 5B: Clinical Studies in Basic Nursing

3 weeks in a nursing home and work on individual assignment in basic nursing.

Course unit 5C: Clinical Studies in Health-Promotion/Preventative Nursing

3 weeks at a clinic, labour/post-natal, and project in health-promotion work.

Learning Methods

Skills training and exercises in simulated situations in the practice department. Clinical studies in a nursing home, 3 weeks (30 hours per week). Participation in reflection groups and supervision discussions. Work on individual assignment. Observation studies in health-promoting and preventative work (2 weeks) and project work.

Work using reflection notes and course assignments.

Assessment Methods

050E05-1 PR1 Individual competence test in practical nursing skills

The skills test is assessed on a pass/fail basis, and yields 7.5 ECTS.

050E05-1 SHJ Clinical studies in a nursing home

3 weeks of clinical studies with an emphasis on basic nursing and 2 weeks work on individual assignment.

Assessed on a pass/fail basis related to attendance regulations, and yields 4.5 ECTS.

050E05-1 HFF Studies in health-promotion and preventative nursing

2 weeks of observation studies and 3 weeks of project work.

Assessed on a pass/fail basis, and yields 4.5 ECTS.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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