Nursing in the Special Health Services and Social Sciences Perspectives 050E09-1

Course Objectives

The student will:

Acquire knowledge of health and sickness in a multicultural context.

Gain knowledge of the organisational and legal frameworks for nursing in the special health service.

Gain knowledge of basic pedagogy.

Gain knowledge of information, supervision and teaching of patients and families.

Course Description

Course unit 9A: Cultural approaches to health and sickness

Cultural interpretative frameworks: Ethnicity, culture, health and sickness.

Migration and health.

Course unit 9B: Medical sociology, institutional sociology

Hospitals as organisations – management structures in a developmental perspective.

Special Health Service Act.

Course unit 9C: Pedagogy and teaching patients

Learning, teaching and supervision.

Learning Methods

Classroom teaching, self-study and group project.

Assessment Methods


Social approaches to nursing in the special health service.

Group project which is assessed with a graded mark (2.5 ECTS).

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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